Chiorino detectable conveyor and process belts

Chiorino DET is a full range of food grade metal detectable products. The exclusive DET TPU belt is recognized in very small particles by the metal detectors used in food processing and packaging. Chiorino DET line guarantees a safest food production and prevents products recalls.

R&D comparison between Chiorino DET line and average competitors shows that the DET line is far more detectable: + 300%. A very small debris of DET belt is recognized by the metal detector. The prompt identification and removal of the contaminated product assures a safest food processing and packaging.


Camozzi: solutions for industrial automation

The range of Camozzi’s solutions include linear actuators and grippers, valves and solenoid valves for the control of actuation and the management of different types of fluids; components for air treatment, connections, and vacuum systems.


Pumps and gearboxes remanufacturing

TECNICA INDUSTRIALE, during its 50 years of activity, has developed high technical skills in the complete repair and revamping of a wide range of gearboxes and gearmotors (planetary, right angle, worm screw, parallel axes gearboxes etc…)