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Axial piston pumps and motors
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The product lines are numerous and well-structured aimed to cover every needs: a strong basis on which to develop the engineering of application packages and complete systems. The offer is improving in the direction of a solution supplier often developed in co-design with the customer, both for the mobile and industrial sector.

  • Agriculture

  • Marine

  • Mobile & Infrastructure

  • Heavy Duty

Geared Motors

Countless solutions are available for the agricultural and forestry sectors. Brevini Fluid Power products are used in numerous applications for complex machinery such as feed mixers, harvesters, and bale wrappers.

The MB 1010 Series geared motors are planetary gearbox (one reduction stage) with built in hydraulic motor. The geared motors are available with 1:6 or 1:7 reduction ratio and with orbital motors. A version with supported output shaft for high load is also available.

The CTM 1009 series geared motors are specifically designed for small track drives (maximum weight of 2500 kg [5510 lb]).The geared motors can be used also with wheeled skid steering machines.

These units feature a planetary gearbox (one reduction stage), fail safe brake (optional), built-in motor and braking valve (optional)


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