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Hydraulic power packs and mini hydraulic power packs

Hydr-App began designing and manufacturing hydraulic transmission components back in 1974 in Reggio Emilia. Ever since the ’80s, it has specialised in the hydraulics industry, developing a well-structured range of power packs and mini power packs.

Since then, the range has further expanded and Hydr-App has increasingly acquired more market shares, opening subsidiaries in Europe and in China.

“Standard customisation” is the philosophy behind Hydr-App’s growth: its high production capacity, on the one hand, allows the company to monitor the major markets, whereas its flexibility, on the other, allows developing products meeting specific customer requirements.

Highly competitive products

Continuous investments in Research & Development regarding products and automation of the production process ensure high competitiveness, reliable products and top quality standards.

Hydr-App product line:

Standard and customised hydraulic power packs
Mini hydraulic power packs
Cartridge valves and solenoid valves
Gear boxes
Transmission components.


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